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Follow up with a nice mist of something refreshing (rose water, Evian spray, toner—anything will do) because you deserve it.

Even if it’s a Flash player you don’t have to know anything about Flash to setup the player since everything can be set in an XML file (the name XML is scary but it’s the easiest thing in the world to use).

This is mostly due to good intentions: Sweat carries with it the grime of what's built up in your pores and what's on your face, and if it settles back into your skin—no good. Or at the very least, makeup that's on the lighter side, so as not to preemptively clog pores that are already actively trying not to be clogged.

Breakouts, milia, rashes..triumvirate of irritated skin. But you didn't come here to get lectured; you came here for a solution. Before and after (or as close to immediately after as you can get) any situation in which you might perspire. If you're exercising, grab a face wipe (any varietal of the Burt's Bees Facial Cleansing Towelettes is a sure bet) and take off any remaining makeup remnants or face oil that's on your face—start your sweat with a clean face!

The third passenger, Elijah Mayfield, of Buford, who was 18 at the time, was also taken to North Fulton Hospital with what were described then as non-life threatening injuries.

There had to be a reason spas have relied on steam rooms and saunas for so many years—sweating can clear you out and help you get that internal glow that feels more organic than just about any other treatment.

But there is bad news being that letting sweat sit on your skin for any prolonged length of time can be problematic.

Currently, only 20% of engineering undergraduates are women, and women compose only 28% of the engineering work force, with minority women composing less than 10%.[1] Increasing access to, and representation in, STEM fields for women, and especially for women of color, is essential not only for the larger goal of creating social equality for men and women, but also for efforts to solve the most difficult technological challenges of our time.

When women are not involved in science and technology, the experiences, insights, and needs unique to women are overlooked and innovation is limited.

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