Consolidating credit dmcc poor

I corrected my address again with Sonya the customer service representative. There is, however, no method of speaking to a real person at the bank's listed telephone number and no response is received to letters sent to the Mail Billing Inquiries To address.

She said a hold was placed on the check because it had been returned. Prior to receiving my first statement, I wished to pay off the 6.11 items immediately and finally made telephonic contact by selecting the telephonic option Cancel My Credit Card, which was answered by a real person.

She said there was no department that I spoke to to release the check. We purchased 6.11 in items, not covered by the No Interest offer, at Circuit City with our Bank of America Visa credit card.

Circuit City - First North American National Bank ripoff! Myrtle Beach South Carolina Circuit City promotes No Interest for 13 Months credit purchase offers, then permits First North American National Bank, which issues Circuit City Visa Plus accounts in some type of affiliation with Circuit City, to uses extremely creative bookkeeping techniques to snare unsuspecting customers of Circuit City's No Interest promotional offerings into succumbing to 15.9% interest charges on these supposed No Interest Purchase promotions.

I turned the paper work over to my grandson for him to learn to manage a debt - instead what he learned was that his grandmother had been ripped off and he could take advantage of the situation believing full well that he could easily make the payments and manage the account. First North American National Bank ripoff ILLEGAL COLLECTION PROCEDURES RICHMOND Virginia This all started because i became disabled and contacted FNANB to let them know that i was going to get behind on my account also to see if they would help me in any way.

We received an incomplete computer spreadsheet showing a few charges, interest amounts, and other information none of which is competent legal evidence of a debtor-creditor relationship, and which is not, according to the Federal Trade Commissions Wollman Letter, adequate validation of a debt amount.

FNANB sold my account to a collection agentcy for a fraction of the original balance what was 5,000 has now turned in to 14,000 and they are going after my home this has become a nightmare. During the one-week period following our inquiry, we received two additional collection letters, dated November 13 and 18, 2002 presumably in lieu of the legitimate information we requested.

On November 18, 2002, we reiterated our request for information, in writing, as a further attempt at resolving any obligation that may exist.

Of course, if one makes a single payment late, the No Interest promotion reverts to 15.9% Accumulated Deferred Finance Charges. I also noticed that the Minimum Payment Due on each statement would not even come close to paying off the balance by the end of the promotion term, obviously to entice customers into making such minimum payments and then finding themselves at a large pay-off at the end of the promotion term, or with 15.9% Accumulated Deferred Finance Charges.

Subsequent statements revealed, even though I had paid off the 6.11 non-promotion items before the first statement arrived, this 6.11 charge was now accruing interest, as this payment had been lumped in with my promotion payment instead.

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