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Piezoelectronics are a solid state technology which makes them durable and good for use as a microphone underwater. Normandin Sources: "Development of Flat Panel Speaker for Personal Computers" by M.

These speakers are used as microphones in submarine warfare, they can detect other microphones and hear sounds of other vessels.

There are taller people belonging to certain populations within countries.

This is especially true of the Maasai people, who live in parts of Tanzania and Kenya.

Piezoelectric speakers are limited in frequency response therefore they are only used as tweeters or in small electrical devices like watches/clocks to make simple sounds.

It may be possible in the future that this technology may improve, providing a speaker with good sound characteristics and durability, however it remains up to tomorrow's engineers to make this possible.

The Dutch, several hundred years ago, were some of the tallest people in the world.

Uneven distribution of wealth, poor nutrition, and years of bad crops certainly contributed to keeping the Dutch shorter for many years.

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