Dating for two years gift

Quick weekend trips can include Chicago or New York City, if you are looking for the big city feel, or may be a trip to a local winery for a more relaxing celebration.In order to celebrate the significance and importance of the two-year anniversary, give your significant other two single flowers -- whichever bloom is her favorite.Perfume is a sweet, practical and romantic gift all wrapped into one, and it makes a perfect gift for a second dating anniversary.There are companies that will custom make perfume for your special someone.You're not close enough to plan a trip to Aruba together, nor are you close enough to give him an electric tweezer to take care of his stray hairs. Nothing says, "I'm still getting to know you," like making an extended offer to combine liquors, and nothing says, "we aren't quite at the sweatpants and wine phase in our relationship yet," like making an effort to learn how to make fancy-schmancy cocktails together. They're less creepy than a tattoo of his initials less expensive!

There are many appropriate gifts to commemorate a two year anniversary.Unique suggestions include a barbecue branding iron with his favorite team's logo or vintage prints from the team.Be sure to do a little research to find the item that would best fit your guy's personality and style.This will ensure that the person receiving the flowers knows how much thought was put into this gift.Catherine Copeland has been writing professionally since 2005.

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