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While looking up info on Japanese festivals for This thread (

t=465452 ) , I stumbled across a page on "Japanese Only" places.

Thats the first time I was ever clearly discriminated against.

That's not really true here, though, in my experience. But I've found they will let farangs in, although the setup is pretty much for Japanese businessmen, and quite honestly the average farang would find it boring. There were a number of places in Misawa (far north, Aomori prefecture) that were Japanese-only.I thoughtfully ripped it up into shreds for him and threw it away, along will every other already rented place.I used to go out with a lady who lived off the income from a few apartments.For the most part, Japanese dont despise foreigners, but there are exceptions to the welcome wagon.Probably the biggest problem is renting apartments.

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