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Just take a look at our group of Americans in Kuwait City.If you ever wish to have a chat in your native language, discover where to shop for American food or discuss your favorite sports team's latest match, become a member of the Kuwaiti Inter Nations Community: From Bubiyan Island to the residential and commercial areas of Salmiya and Hawalli, we’ll help you connect with supportive and friendly American expats in Kuwait.Some merchant families left Kuwait in the early 1930s due to the prevalence of economic hardship.At the time of the discovery of oil in 1937, most of Kuwait's inhabitants were impoverished.In 4th century BC, the ancient Greeks colonized the bay of Kuwait under Alexander the Great, the ancient Greeks named mainland Kuwait Larissa and Failaka was named Ikaros.According to Strabo and Arrian, Alexander the Great named Failaka Ikaros because it resembled the Aegean island of that name in size and shape.Relax or work out at our modern Viking Club, complete with indoor and outdoor pools, a fitness center with squash courts and outdoor sports facilities.

Would you like to get in touch with other Americans in Kuwait?At its peak in 2000 BC, the Dilmun empire controlled the trade routes from Mesopotamia to India and the Indus Valley civilization.Dilmun's commercial power began to decline after 1800 BC.The beginning of the eighteenth century witnessed the contention of Kuwait by the Bani Utub confederation.The Utub had previously migrated Aflaj in Hadar, [Najd] The Bani Utub mirgrated due to a harsh drought. As a result of successive matrimonial alliances, they were able to wrest control of Kuwait sometime after the death of Barrak Bin Urair [Bani Khaled] and the fall of the Bani Khaled Emirate.

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