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# - If you do use a synchronous message, it will probably # complete very rapidly, thus very few CPU cycles will # by wasted by this busy loop (thanks to the sleep).# - You probably shouldn't be using synchronous messages # very often anyhow.GTK has a so-called "idle loop." This idle loop is how you can interface with GTK's main loop.GTK has a special function called "idle_add" which lets us add messages to be processed in the idle loop.

Thus, your main code does not have to be locked into the GUI toolkit, per se. I would argue that it is harder to copy-and-paste GUI toolkit designs together, thus making HTML superior to GUI toolkits in this regard.By refactoring "send()", it will be easier to use gtkmozembed (Mozilla), whose Java Script injection is slightly different, as an alternative to Web Kit.I eventually came to these conclusions after working with a variety of event processing loops involving sockets, serial ports, audio data, MIDI data, and GUIs.I am going to describe two types of messages here: In the Python programming language, functions are first-class citizens that can be passed around just like normal data.Thus, a message really is just a function reference (or a functor) that we inject into GTK's idle loop.

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