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It is in no way your fault that they chose to misbehave.But you have to improve your marriage behavior if you want success. The first reaction in your mind, when you make such a harsh threatening discovery is going to be self-protective, accompanied by fear; these are primal.The evidence suggests that men play Tinder like a game, swiping right to everyone just to see who has 'liked' them.And as a result, women become frustrated as men are less likely to actually respond to their messages.

You are a not a reflection of your husband, you are you.

But at the same time, the research showed that many of the offenders troll due to a 'dysfunctional impulse'.

Not only is trolling increasing on the platform, but a recent study in London also found that Tinder is making women 'miserable'.

Third: Your marriage is not over, unless you choose it to be. You must change your behaviors of thought, feeling, speech, and actions. Reading a book or two, even one of mine, will likely not be enough. When you discover your husband is using online dating sites you will automatically assume the worst, imagining he is following through, and meeting other women. That is probably not happening, but it is not too late for your marriage, even if he is.

The above behaviors have to be changed, or the outcomes will not change; minor changes will not work. Before you read more I want you to ask yourself a question: Is it really too late for you, even if he is cheating? Because we have helped more women save their marriage than I can count.

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