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e Befide the common tuniples of the body, the brain is covered, firft, with the bone of the fkull ; fecondly, with the pejric rani una. As two white marble pillars that uphold God's holy place, where he in glory fets ; And rife' with goodly grace and courage bold, To bear his temple on their ample jets, Vein'd ev'ry where with azure rivulets : Whom all the people on fome holy morn, With boughs and flow'ry garlands do adorn ; Of fuch, tho' fairer far, this temple was upborne f . « Chrift meeting his adverfary the Devil, difguifed as an hermit. 29 Where all his former fins he might awaken ; And them might warn away with tears of brine, And alms, and falls, and churches difcipline; And dead, might reft his bones under the holy fhrine. But when he nearer came, he bowed low With prone obeifance, and with court'fy kind ; That at his feet his head he feem'd to throw ; What need he now another faint to find ? As heav'n to welcome in its lowly roof; And be the temple for thy Deity ! how my cottage worfhips thee aloof; That under ground hath hid its head, in proof It doth adore thee, with the ceiling low.

or fkin, -covering the fkull ; and thirdly, with two inward (kins. The fecond all the city round en cafes, And, like a rock with thicker fides, embraces ; For here the prince, his court, and Handing palace places. The other r two, of matter thin and light ; And yet the firft much harder than the other ; Both cherifh all the city : therefore right, They call that hard, and this the tender mother. XL Twice had Diana bent her golden bow, (And fhot from heav'n her filver (hafts, to roufe The fluggifh beads that dwell in dens below, And all the day in lazy covert drowfe) Since him the filent wildernefs did houfe : The heav'n his roof, and arbour fhelter was ; The ground his bed, and his moiil pillow, grafs : But fruits there none did grow, nor rivers none did pafs. At length an aged Sire g far off he faw Come flowly footing; ev'ry ftep he guefs'd One of his feet he from the grave did draw ; Three legs he had, that made of wood, was beft ; And all the way he went, he ever bleft With benedictions, and with prayers ftore ; But, the bad ground was bleffed ne'er the more : And all his head with fnow of age was waxen hoar. A good old Hermit he now feem'd to be, Who for devotion had the world forfaken ; And now was travelling fome faint to fee, Since to his beads he had himfelf betaken ; { Cant. Affe&ions are the fails, and faith the wind, That to this faint a thoufand fouls convey Each hour : O happy pilgrims thither ftray ! Here's milk and honey ; and here chefnuts grow; The boughs a bed of leaves upon thee fhall beftow.

Thy Days are evil, at beft ; but few, at moft ; But fad, at merrieft ; and but weak, at ftrongeft ; Unfure, at fureft ; and but fhort, at longeft. d The lungs are covered with a light, and very thin tunicle, left it might hinder their motion. { And becaufe the rings of the griftles do not wholly meet, this fpace is made up by mufcles, that fo the meat-pipe adjoining, might not be galled or hurt. IL The higheft region in this little isle, Is both the island's, and Creator's glory: Ah ! But now our Lord to reft doth homewards fly: For lo, the night comes haft'ning from the mountains high.

a The fourth is the great artery ; this hath alfo a flood-gate, made of three ferni- circular membranes. XXVIL Clofe to Kerdia, c Pneumon takes his feat, Built of a lighter frame and fpungy mould : Hence rife fre Qi airs, to fan Kerdia 's heat, Temp'ring thofe burning fumes with moderate cold: Itfelf of larger fize, diflended wide, In divers flreets, and out-ways multipli'd ; Yet in one corporation all are jointly ty'd. Fitly 'tis cloth'd with d hangings thin and light, Left too much weight might hinder motion : His chiefefl ufe, to frame the voice aright ; (The voice which publifhes each hidden notion) And for that end a lengthen'd pipe e defcends. To fit each feveral voice with perfect found ; Therefore of divers matter the conveyance Is finely fram'd ; the firft in circles round, In hundred circles bended, hard and dry, (For wat'ry foftnefs is found's enemy) Not altogether clofe, yet meeting very nigh. The ground no herbs but venomous, did bear; The trees all leaflefs flood ; and ev'ry where Dead bones and fkulls were caft, and bodies hanged were. Upon the roof, the bird of forrow fat, Keeping back joyful day with her fad note; And through the fhady air the flutt'ring bat Did wave her leathern fails, and blindly float; While with her wings the fatal fcreech-owl fmote Th'unbleffed houfe; there on a craggy (tone Celceno l hung, and made a direful moan ; And all about the murder'd ghofts did fhriek and groan. Like cloudy moon-fhine in fome fhadowy grove, Such was the light in which Defpair did dwell ; But he himfelf with night for darknefs ftrove : His black uncombed locks difhevell'd fell About his face ; thro' which as brands of hell Sunk in his fkull, his flaring eyes did glow, Which made him deadly look ; — their glimpfes mow Like cockatrices eyes, that fparks of poifon throw. His clothes were ragged clouts, with thorns pinn'd faft ; And as he mufing lay, into a fright A thoufand wild chimeras wou'd him caft : So when a fearful dream in midft of night Difturbs the mind, and to the aftonifh'd fight Some phantom brings; ftraight doth the hafty foot A(Tay to flee, but can't itfelf up-root ; The voice dies in the tongue ; the mouth gapes without boot m , 1 One of the harpies, See Virgil's ./Eneid. )— -and a lewd throng Of wanton boys fung her a pleafant fong Of love, long life, of mercy, and of grace ; And every one her dearly did embrace ; And (he herfelf enamour'd was of her own face. » The tempter would lead Chrifl to Prefumption ; chara&erifed by her place, attendants, &c. There in the lower room in folemn guife They danc'd around, and pour'd their facrifice To plump Lyceus s ; and amongft the reft, The jolly prieft, in ivy garlands dreft, Chanted their Orgies wild in honour of the feaft. Whrlfl ten thoufand kings, as proud To carry up my train, have bow'd : And the flars in heav'n that (hine, With ten thoufand more are mine. Thus fought the dire Enchantrefs in his mind, Her guileful baits to have embofomed ; But HE her charms difperfed into wind, And her of infolence admonifhed ; And 42 CHRIST'S VICTORY.

But if fond Bavius vent his clouted fong, Or Mcevius chant his thoughts in brothel charm ; The witlefs vulgar, in a num'rous throng, Like fummer flies about their dunghill fwarm : They fneer, they grin. The whole ISLE, parted in three regiments °, Bv three metropolis's jointly fway'd ; Ord'ring in peace and war their governments, With loving concord, and with mutual aid : The loweft hath the worft, but largeft fee ; The middle lefs, of greater dignity : The higheft leait, but holds the greatefl fov'reignty. Deep in a vale doth that firft province lie, With many a city grac'd, and fairly town'd ; And for defence from foreign enmity, With five ftrong builded walls p en compafs'd round ; Which my rude pencil will in painting ftain ; A work, more curious than which poets feign Neptune and Phabus built, and pulled down again. The firft of thefe, is that round fpreading fence q , Which like a fea, girts th' ISLE in ev*ry part; Of fairefl building, quick, and nimble fenfe, Of common matter fram'd with fpecial art ; Of middle temper, outwardeft of all, To warn of ev'ry chance that may befall : The fame a fence, and fpy; a watchman and a wall.

When generous plants advanc'd their lofty creft; When honour ftoop'd to be learn'd wifdom's page ; When bafer weeds ftarv'd in their frozen neft ; When th' higheft flying mufe Hill higher climbs; And virtue's rife, keeps down all rifing crimes : Happy, thrice happy age ! i The fkin covers almoftthe whole body, and is formed of whitifh fibres, intermixed with numberlefs branches of nerves, veins, and arteries. s The cuticle orfcarf-fo i 'n, is an extremely thin and tranfparent membrane, void ^of fenfe, and covering the fkin all over. e The pai Tages carrying the uiine from the kidneys to the bladder.

But wretched we, to whom thefe iron days, (Hard days) afford no matter, nor reward ! Men deride high Maro's lays, Their hearts with fteel, with lead their fenfe is bar'd, Sing Linus, or his father, as he ufes, Our Midas' ears their well tun'd verfe refufes. » The veins convey the nourifhment from the liver ; the artery, life and heat from the heart ; the nerves, fenfe and motion from the brain : the will com- mands, the nerve brings, and the part executes the mandate, all almoft in an inftant. In the loweft the liver is fovereign, whofe regiment is the wideft. p The parts of the lower belly, are cither the contained or containing, the latter is either common or proper; the common are the fkin, the flefhy panicle, and the fat; the proper are the mufcles of the belly-piece, or the inner rim of the belly. Where melancholy abounds, it is fwarthy ; where phlegm, it is white and pale; where choler reigns, it is red and aery ; but in fanguine, of a rofe colour.

The upper mouth of the ftomach hath little veins, or circular firings, to fhut in the meat, and keep it from returning. was the fhepherd's queen ; Sure fuch a fhepherd's queen, was' never any : But, ah ! ' The left fide of the heart takes in this air and blood ; and conco&ing them both in his hollow bofom, fends them out by the great artery into the whole body. 49 The z third unlike to this, from Pneumon flowing, And his due air — tribute here beftowing, Is kept by gates, and bars, which flop all backward going. The a lafl full fpring, out of this left fide rifes, Where three fair nymphs, like Cynthia 's felf appearing, Draw down the ftream which all the isle fuffices ; But flops back ways, fome ill revolt thence fearing. Hence, to a lofr, carv'd all in ivory white They came, where many wanton ladies went; Melted in pleafure, and foft languifhment, And funk in beds of rofes, amorous glances fent. Every thing doth pafs away, There is danger in delay. That love and hate, and fighs and fongs are met ; But thus, and only thus thy love did crave, To fend thee ringing for us to thy grave, Whilfl we fought thee to kill, and thou fought'ft us tofave. When I remember Christ our burden bears d , I look for glory, — and find mifery ; I look for joy, — and find a fea of tears; I look that we fhould live, — and fee him die ; I look for angels fongs, — and hear him cry : Thus what I feek, I cannot find fo well ; Or rather, what I find, I cannot tell ; Thefe banks fo narrow are, thofe flreams fo high do fwell. Christ fuf Fers, — and in this, his tears begin; Suffers for us, — and joy on us bellows ; Suffers to death, — here is his manhood feen ; Suffers to rife, — and hence his Godhead fhows : For man that cou'd not by himfelf have rofe Out of the grave, doth by the Godhead rife; And God, that cou'd not die, in manhood dies, That we in both might live, by that fweet facrifice. Go giddy brains, whofe wits are thought fo frefh ; Pluck all the flow'rs that nature forth doth throw ; Go flick them on the cheeks of wanton flefh ; Poor idol ! What weaker breaft, Since Adams armour fail'd, dares warrant his ? See 1 drowfy Peter, fee where Judas wakes ; Where Judas kiffes him whom Peter flies ; O kifs, more deadly than the fling of fnakes ! Are thefe the trophies that are borne before thee, Bafe whips of cord, and knotted all along ? 5 i Is this thy golden fceptre againft wrong, A reedy cane ? It was but now their founding clamours fung, Bleffed is he that comes from the Mojl High ! And all the mountains with hofannas rung ; But now, Away with him, away, they cry !

inftruments of fwallowipg : eight mufcles ferving to this purpofe, "which inftantly fend the meat into the ftomach. Thy little fault, was but too much believing f : It is too much, fo much thou fhou'dft repent thee ; His joyous foul at reft defires no grieving. The y fecond is that doubtful channel, lending Some of this tribute to the Pneumon nigh ; Whofe fprings by careful guards are watch 'd, that fending From thence the waters, all regrefs deny. * What is faid concerning the blood, both in the flanzas and notes in this canto, is agreeable to the old philofophy; this poem being written before Dr. f The fecond veffel is called the artery vein, which rifing from the right fide of the heart, carries down the blood here prepared for the lungs, for their nourifh- naent : here alfo is the like three folding doors, made like, half circles, giving paf Tage from the heart, but not backwardv The THE PURPLE ISLAND. Others 1 within their arbours drinking fat, (For all the room about was arboured) With laughing Bacchus, who was grown fo fat, That (land he could not, but was carried ; And every evening fremly watered To quench his fiery cheeks ; and all about Small pipes broke through the wall, and poured out Flaggons of wine, to fet on fire that fwilling rout. This their imbruted fouls efreem'd their wealth, To crown the boufing can from day to night ; And fick they drink themfelves, with drinking health : Some vomiting, all drunken with delight. that wanton room; And thou my chafler mufe, thofe harlots fhun; And with him to a higher flory come w , Where gold and filver to vaft heaps are grown : The while the owners, with their wealth undone, Starve in their ftore, and 'midft their plenty pine ; Rolling themfelves upon their golden mine ; Glutting their famifh'd fouls with the deceitful mine. See, fee the flow'rs that below, Now as frelh as morning blow ; And of all, the virgin rofe Like to bright Aurora fhows ; How they all do leaflefs die, Lofing their virginity : Like unto a fummer's made, But now born, and now they fade. Or elfe why do I hear thee fighing fo, When thou, inflam'd with love, their life dofl get ? And yet the Son is humbled for the flave, And yet the flave is proud before the Son : Yet the Creator for his creature gave Himfelf, and yet the creature haftes to run Prom his Creator, and felf-good doth fhun : And yet the Prince, and God himfelf doth cry To man his traitor, pardon, not tojly ; Yet doth the traitor jnan, his God and Prince defy. Who is it fees not g , that he nothing is, But he that nothing fees ? As when the planets with unkind afpec T:, Call from her caves the meagre peftilence ; The pois'nous vapour, eager to infe&, Obeys the voice of the fad influence, And fpreads abroad a thoufand noxious fcents ; The fount of life, flaming his golden flood "With the fick air, fevers the boiling blood, And poifons all the body with contagious food. The bold phyfician, too incautious, By thofe he cures, himfelf is murdered ; Kindnefs infe&s, pity is dangerous ; And the poor infant yet not fully bred, There, whence he fliou'd be born, lies buried : So the dark Prince, from his infernal cell, Cafts up his horrid torturers of hell, And whets them to revenge, with this infulting fpell. See how the world fmiles in eternal peace ; While we the harmlefs brats, and rufty throng Of night, our fnakes in curls do prank, and drefs : Why fleep our drowfy fcorpions fo long ? To heave him from his root) their force withfland ; And tho' in heaps the threat'ning furges band, Yet broken they retire, and wafh the yielding flrand. So may we oft a tender father fee, To pleafe his wanton fon, his only joy, Coafl all about, to catch the roving bee; And flung himfelf, his bufy hands employ To fave the honey for the gameforae boy : Or from the fnake her ranc'rous teeth erafe, Making his child the toothlefs ferpent chace, Or with his little hands her fwelling crefl embrace, XXIV, 6 o CHRIST'S TRIUMPH. Thus Christ hlmfelf to watch and forrow gives, While dew'd in eafy fleep dead Peter lies ; Thus man in his own grave fecurely lives, While Christ alive with thoufand horrors dies; Yet he for ours, not his own pardon cries : No fins he had, yet all our fins he bear ; So much doth God for others evils care, And yet fo carelefs men for their own evils are* XXV. mud his king accufe ; But that a Pagan mufl his God condemn ; But that a Father mull his Son contemn ; But that the Son mufl his own death defire ; That prince, and people, fervant, and the Sire, Gentile and Jew, and he againfl himfelf confpire ? Was this the oil m , to make thy faints adore thee, The frothy fpittle of the rafcal throng ?

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