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But because Noa Baum is a storyteller through and through, her love of country comes to be far more nuanced as she uncovers and starts to re-tell the story of her Palestinian friend.This beautifully written book helps us understand that truth is never black and white.

In this touching and honest memoir, Baum shares the story of how her search for peace informed her life...

Of seeing the humanity in the other , and of realizing that we are destined to share this land otherwise we will just share more graves. -Robi Damelin, Spokesperson for International Relations, The Parents Circle- Families Forum What makes a soulfully creative and compelling storyteller?

For those who know little of Israel and its history, you will get a glimpse through the eyes of someone real, of just how complex life here is , of living through peace agreements which led to more bloodshed, of wars where no one won. I was struck by Noa Baum's exceptionally well told journey. D., Jewish Islamic Dialogue Society Noa is a storyteller, and her stories are not fictional fables but true living personal tales of a land twice promised.

Defense Department, prestigious universities and congregations, to inner city schools and detention centers.

She is a winner of a Parents' Choice Recommended Award and a Storytelling World Award, and a recipient of numerous Individual Artist Awards from Maryland State Arts Council and Arts & Humanities Council of Montgomery County. This was an engaging book that I found hard to put down.

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