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The women also feel more comfortable because Western men are more conscious about the importance of safe sex than Indonesian men.

“They are never reluctant about putting on a condom if their sexual partners ask them to do so.

This makes Indonesian women feel safer when having sex with them, because safe sex is not just about avoiding pregnancy.

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Because of this, some Indonesian women who are “tired of being poor”, or those who may have a chance of a decent career but without the necessary motivation, choose to cling to Western men who provide them with a comfortable lifestyle.

Published by Rene Books this year, it is based on her interviews with several women with Western partners to understand their motivation in pursuing the men.

“All this time, we have heard only the negative stereotypes about the women.

“Some of them had dreams of moving to their lover’s countries, where they would live a prosperous life.

Unfortunately, as I have said before, a lot of westerners are not as prosperous in their own countries.

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