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Mysahra Shawkat opened the first session of the workshop with her talk on Communication: Connecting People.

She emphasised the importance of effective communication, and discussed e-communication internally and externally.

The Malaysian Bar notes that although there are grave allegations made against numerous named individuals in the suit, it appears that Ambiga has been singled out.

There has also been a bombardment of vicious and highly disparaging racist and sexist remarks made against her by various individuals, and a police report lodged, in relation to her alleged connection with the suit. It has been reported that the police are investigating her in respect of the averments contained in the Defence and Counterclaim filed by Rewcastle Brown.

Approximately 17,600 Members of the Bar are eligible to cast their votes in this election.

Members should receive their ballot papers by post starting from around , and may vote for a maximum of 12 candidates.

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As these allegations are by Rewcastle Brown, and their truthfulness has yet to be established, there is no legal basis to investigate Ambiga.

Any such investigation is tantamount to harassment and/or intimidation of a potential witness.

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