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Together, they coach each other through the crazy world of dating while raising her teenage daughter. A young man's older sister and her teenage daughter move in with him.This is misleadingly promoted as a fun comedy about casual sex.And in last year’s “Men, Women & Children,” the Internet might as well have been the newly-crowned Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse, dissolving marriages and corroding morals from atop its slowly-buffering steed.

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She does the sorts of things that requisite teenage characters in big-screwed-up-family dramas must, following in the footsteps of Claire Fisher from “Six Feet Under” by dabbling in substances and lusting after her hunky photography teacher.

Each fears that the other might be the only one who could possibly understand them; after all, they’re the only two people on Earth who endured being raised by their parents.

So when something threatens that bond —whether it’s a budding romance or Valerie’s desire to move into a space of her own— the self-interested impulse to torpedo it can be awfully tempting.

Mercifully, however, Reitman’s not in the driver’s seat on Hulu’s latest original series “Casual,” at least not in terms of overall vision.

Creator credit goes to Zander Lehmann, a man with a clear understanding of online dating’s equal potential for horrendous mismatches and fleeting comfort for the lonely but love-worthy.

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