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I think it's a great story for any confused or curious teen to read. It really frustrates me when authors choose to turn all of their teen characters into some fake caricature based on silly stereotypes.

Teens do not all text like complete idiots ("can't w8 2 c u" etc), especially now that there is this thing in the world called a full qwerty keypad on most phones.

My heart was with Imogen when she was trying to figure out what to do with her boyfriend and this new online friend, and I felt just as betrayed as she did when she found out some not so nice things about her new friend. Thanks to, Bold Strokes Books, and KE Payne. Me&is a a modern YA story about a college student named Immy.

In the end, I was happy with the way things turned out - though I'm not at all certain it's a realistic portrayal of this type of situation. Immy has it all- great friends, a boyfriend everyone wants.something just doesnt seem right.

Some good making out, or something equally passionate. I only got a small, hey, this will probably work out.

It just wasn't enough to balance out the journey towards this true love.] ***SPOILER ALERT***Overall I think [email protected] an interesting book.

It is a honest and interesting look at opening your mind and heart to another person.

A lot of the dialogue felt fake and forced, especially between Immy and Fickle.But the overall theme of the story is certainly one I can get behind.I am no stranger to falling in love over the internet, nor of having my heart broken in the very same manner.While chatting in a online forum, Immy discovers what was missing.Me&is a clean story about dealing with the feelings of being sexually confused.

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