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Greatly appreciate your help, Amanda Once you have set up the primary and secondary nameservers at Go Daddy you must allow the typical 4-24 hours of propagation time. I have a dedicated server with off course its own name servers........ Apologies again that we cannot help you in this matter. Hi, when I tried to make a change with the new nameserver Go Daddy says the pair is invalid. How much time is necessary for Go Daddy to accept the change? Do I need to remove the two existing nameservers that were already there?I have all the records update in the dedicated serve, but have ran a few tests and looks like hosting the domain name at Godaddy is better for some reason. Amd Google being google where only you get results roughly 4 yrs old that do not help. After adding the In Motion nameservers I am now showing 4 nameservers.Hi, I followed all your steps and I visited my page after, it displays "The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable." message instead. Thank you, John-Paul The above screenshots were helpful until Go Daddy updated their site.

If you have the name servers pointed to Go Daddy, then they are the DNS manager and you will need to change any DNS records there. Hello Devyash, Yes, it could be done, but you would need to create an A record to point the IP address to our hosting service.

After realizing the IP address in the logs was my ISP forwarder, I called them--only to have them tell me the issue lies with my domain name host.

Would have been nice to have learned of the need for this change from Go Daddy and not my ISP.

Dear Tim : I changed my Godaddy domain to be hosted my your servers.

I need to upload files through my Filezilla client.

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