Virtual sex examples

Glamour: Are there any other technologies you're concerned about?

BC: I’m more concerned about the way people will take it rather than the technology that's being invented.

How would that affect their real-life relationships? Those questions made her curious enough to start the Future of Sex podcast.

In each episode, Cole investigates a new issue at the intersection of sexuality and technology, from the etiquette of dick pics to the ethics of sex robots.

A year ago, while Bryony Cole was researching technological developments in entertainment, she stumbled across virtual reality sex, which essentially lets people interact through a screen as if they were in the same bedroom.

The fact that people could have rich, varied sex lives without ever leaving their couches both fascinated and frightened her.

You're touching yourself, but you're in this virtual, immersed environment that's a safe place where you can still learn.

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The reason I started the podcast is to ask the ethical questions around "What are we designing?

And in turn, we are in a year where there are more women’s sex tech products on the market than ever before: period underwear, pee-proof underwear, tampon subscription services, vulvar skin cream.

The fact we can put an ad on a subway that simply says "Underwear for women with periods"—unapologetic about a woman’s bodily functions—signifies society's attitudes are changing.

If we look at young people and how they learn to communicate via Instagram and Snapchat, that's a different kind of interaction.

True emotional intelligence and being able to read people and body language? Any technology that can enhance education around communication is going to improve our lives.

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