What household items have sedating effects

Along the same lines as the banana peel legend, a rumor that smoking peanut skins could get you high started among the late 1960s counterculture.As with banana peel, it takes a lot of fiddly effort and any resulting "high" is pure placebo.The reality of this ranges from urban legend, to some truth to the rumor, depending on the substance.What is and isn't legal obviously depends on what jurisdiction you are in.Mostly these are all a bunch of woo, for silly kids who can't get the real stuff because mommy won't let them out of the house.

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The active chemical in catnip, nepetalactone, does exhibit very minor sedative effects in humans and has been used by herbalists in the past as a mild sedative or a treatment, but this is nowhere near a "high".Purported legal highs include common foods and other substances which, if consumed in a certain way or in sufficient quantity, are rumoured to have psychoactive effects.Most frequently they are claimed to have similar effects to marijuana.They generally don't produce euphoria and are regarded as more of a business drug than a pleasure one, but some people like to use them to party late.Side effects can include irritability, aggression, thirst, and loss of appetite.

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