Who is soulja boy dating right now

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---- ----- NEGRO/CHIMP LOVER is not a White man, its Letsgetitt and Mastermind - the same sorry excuse for a black man.

Moms says Lil Scrappy-- "The Prince of The South" -- is doing well and Mama D (what she calls herself) wants to put her hands around Diamond's neck.

She also said she should scoop Diamond up and put her on the corner to make money instead of her it up for free.

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In a recent message on the social media app, the “Crank Dat” rapper posted a photo with the caption “I’m going to die soon. But, instead of turning a blind eye, Drake confronted the man head on, announcing from the stage, “If you don’t stop touching girls, I’m gonna come out there and f–k you up!

” The “One Dancer” was so adamant that he repeated himself and even made moves towards acting on his words.

Many people didn't know she had broken up with Lil' Scrappy, so it was a shock. Woods radio show and popped off saying Diamond is a "fake B--ch" who has breast implants and has used injections to enlarge her ass.

And by "shock" we mean our level of caring went from 0 to 1.5. Seems to be the standard with these chicks these days, but what do I know?

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