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John asked a few questions and found out that even though she would suck anything that walked she supposedly had only had sex once or twice. He seemed to not mind that she was an accomplished dick sucker, but he couldn’t handle hearing she fucked that many people.

Now he understood why she was always brining a different guy home every other day.

John had always figured that she was just testing the waters before settling on one guy.

He had learned all of this a couple of years ago and now he realized it must have all been the truth.

So I guess I have to put up with this kind of friendly warfare until they close the lid of the coffin, but as I said before, if I have to go, I don’t want the church choir, I just want to hear them argue about whether to cremate or bury me.

The three of us know that none of the arguments are serious, but they just like to act the part of the teenage feminist and the stubborn mother – I play the role of the beleaguered father, torn into two as my wife and my daughter try to pull me into opposite sides.

Angie, my perfect daughter (in fact, my only daughter) has finished her college as well, her intelligence giving her a couple of double-promotions through the elementary classes.

Samantha had twisted my arm into hiring Angie as my first secretary, and I am quite pleased she did.

One day about 2 years earlier John had been at the local store and over heard some high school guys talking about Becky.Apparently his little baby girl gave the best blowjobs within a 100-mile radius of their little town.The boys told him that she had been sucking dick since she was a freshman and they wouldn’t be surprised if she had sucked off half of the local high school and those of neighboring towns too.I’m just saying be careful.”He was interested by his wife’s words.“I’ll be careful.”What his wife said seemed to echo the behavior of his daughter and all the things he had heard about her.

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